Are Drug Thieves Visitors At Your Dallas Open House?

If you are thinking about holding an ‘open house,’ then you need to read this!  Home sellers beware… thieves are after more than your jewelry!

An open house could be an open possibility for a new type of criminal offense.

Realty agent Kyle Rovinsky discovered that first-hand after showing a luxury home in the Dallas area. He advided a woman purposely diverted him while her partner robbed the medicine cabinet.

While showing another luxury home in North Dallas, Rovinsky admitted that he was a little concerned regarding the possible liability.

He’s not alone.

Property agents are going to more workshops to discover how to safeguard the homeseller.

In the old days, most of these thieves were interested in stealing jewlery but now these thieves are after prescription drugs.

Real estate agents say the criminals purport to be homebuyers and head straightaway to the master bedroom to rummage through drawers. The pharmaceuticals of choice consist of prescription pain pills, anti-depressants as well as Ritalin.

What’s Driving This Criminal Activity…

The market price of pain pills on the street is the reason open houses are emerging as prime targets for drug thieves.

Reportedly, one bottle of Oxycontin can have a street value of up to $ 5,000.

It’s now gotten so bad that real estate agents advise homesellers to place their pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter remedies, not just in a safe place, but in an actual safe.

Some Real estate professionals are now requiring open house guests to show them a driver’s license prior to providing a tour of the residence.

A number of consumers believe this practice is totally scurrilous. Additionally, many real estate agents are requesting that their fellow agents join them at an open house in order to better protect the home seller from these types of thieves.

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