Improving The Health Of Your Lawn

Let’s Face It: When You Live In The Suburbs, A Healthy, Well-Kept Lawn Is A Must.

Foreclosures in Dallas Before anyone even steps into your house, it’s your front lawn that makes the first impression of your home. So what’s something that can help keep your lawn healthy? Many people seem to forget about aeration.

Aeration, or aerification, is a method of perforating your lawn with small holes to allow for more water circulation and oxygen flow to the soil and roots. Aeration can help fix lawn challenges like poor drainage or gas exchange, soil compaction, layering in the soil profile, heavy soil in the root zone, and thatch. It’s one of the best conditional processes you can do for your lawn, and is absolutely essential in restoring a worn lawn. [Read more…]

Fall bug prevention basics

The cooler weather signals squirrels to store away nuts, birds to fly south and leaves to fall from trees, but cooler weather also means that bugs will be looking for a comfy, cozy place to spend the winter.

Unfortunately, your house fits that bill.

Insects start to come inside when fall arrives and their natural food sources disappear. Whether your house is the preferred winter home for crickets, boxelder bugs, spiders, silverfish or any other creepy crawlies, stay one step ahead by bug-proofing your home now. You can defend your home from unwanted insects by following a few simple steps: [Read more…]

Extend summer fun with expert outdoor lighting tips

From neighborhood picnics to kids’ play time, summer means outside time.

Much of that activity occurs during longer daylight hours, but darkness is also a great time to enjoy warm-weather days. How can you create an environment that extends the fun of summer past sunset?

Fortunately, the right light can make evening hours safer and more enjoyable, according to the American Lighting Association. Whether for poolside parties, romantic dinners on the patio or barbecues with neighbors, make your outdoors more beautiful and pleasant with these tips and tricks: [Read more…]

How to get rid of deer before they devour your yard and garden

Plano Real Estate Springtime means sunshine, blooms, birdsong – аnd thе dreaded “deer drama” thаt wіll inevitably wreak havoc іn your beautiful backyard thіs season.

Deer аrе nоw а permanent pаrt оf оur landscapes, brazenly entering оur yards аnd eating оur gorgeous gardens. They аrе majestic animals, аnd beautiful tо look аt – frоm а distance. Up close, trampling аnd tasting your tulips, they’re just nоt а welcome sight. [Read more…]

The guy’s guide to mulch

North Dallas Real EstateAs temperatures reach 60 degrees, оnе оf thе manly rites оf spring, designed tо impress thе neighbors, іs а fresh layer оf mulch.

But, did yоu knоw thаt іt cаn аlsо hеlp prevent erosion аnd discourage weeds іn thе garden? Mulch іs an invaluable ingredient tо а successful growing season – sо much mоrе thаn shredded bark sprinkled around thе base оf an ornamental tree each spring. Gеt thе facts оn mulch tо impress аll thе neighbors аnd hаvе а great looking landscape tо boot. [Read more…]

To rid your garden of weeds, focus on the seeds

Plano Real EstateEvery garden is filled with them: millions of unseen weeds.

They are dormant seeds that lurk just below the soil surface, ready to spring to life with just the briefest exposure to light. Weeds can choke a garden, robbing it of space, nutrients and water. Allowing weeds to mature compounds the problem, as they are naturally prolific seed producers. They grow aggressively and can be tough to get rid of, because pulling weeds brings more weed seeds to the surface. [Read more…]

Gardening Mistakes That Can Limit Your Garden’s Potential

Dallas Luxury Real EstateMost people have a good idea – before they even start – of what they want their garden to look like when it’s growing well.

Nonetheless, there are many habitual blunders that gardeners make that prevent their gardens from reaching their full potential. It doesn’t even have to be a big mistake. Little factors such as how you water, which plants you choose, and where you decide to put your garden can make the difference between success and failure. With this article, we hope to save you the trouble of making some of the commonplace errors that new gardeners tend to make. [Read more…]