Simple Home Fix-ups You Can Complete In A Weekend Or Less

While You May Not Know The Term “NOWISM,” You More Than Likely Live It.

Dallas Home Inspection With our fast-paced lives, this term, coined by, a leading trendscouting website, describes the trend of the consumer’s need for instant gratification. We want fast service, fast answers and fast results.

And, of course, this need for fast fixes extends into our homes. Luckily, no matter how pressed you are for time, you can spruce up your house by focusing on simple projects that can be completed quickly … in a day or a weekend. Don’t delay – check these easy and affordable projects off your to-do list today and soon your home will be perfectly prepared and instantly updated. [Read more…]

Six Easy Ways To Improve Your Kitchen, Bathroom And Bedroom

Good Lighting Is Not Something Most People Think Much About Until They Don’t Have It.

Dallas Home Inspection Living in a well-lit room is a much more pleasurable experience than trying to cook, read, entertain or do just about anything in a dark, shadowy space.

The American Lighting Association Offers These Tips For Improving The Lighting In Your Kitchen, Bathroom And Bedroom:

* Add To Your Task Lighting. Many bathrooms and kitchens have plenty of overhead light, but are often lacking when it comes to task lighting, says David Martin, designer with lighting manufacturer Hubbardton Forge. “At the kitchen sink, for example, you can eliminate shadows by including two sources of light.” The result is a workstation with easier-to-see spaces that alleviate eyestrain.

* Include Mood-enhancing Lights And Dimmers. “Places such as bathrooms and bedrooms – once mostly functional – now serve as an extension of our living spaces,” says Todd Phillips, owner and senior designer with Quoizel Lighting. The lights in those rooms should be both hardworking and mood enhancing. For example, inexpensive, easy-to-install cove lights in the kitchen can provide soft illumination after mealtime and cleanup. Additional lights placed at a bathroom vanity and aimed out toward the face can help brighten grooming tasks and offer awakening morning light. A bonus: Those controls can help accommodate varying levels of natural daylight, too. [Read more…]

Kitchen Trends For 2013: ‘Revamping Kits’ Offer High-End Results

Dallas Home Inspection If You’re Tired Of Looking At Your Outdated Kitchen, But Feel Replacement Would Be Impractical, You’re Not Alone.

In 2013, consumers will be trying to find the beauty in the beast. Projects that help the old look new will be the next big makeover trend – especially in the kitchen where remodeling becomes more pricey.

“Revamping kits” that refinish countertops, cabinets, and appliances are already in growing demand. Here are three top kitchen kits that can easily, quickly and affordably help your existing kitchen look high end.

Granite remains the No. 1 choice for kitchen remodels, but the standard cost of granite runs from $50 to $110 a square foot (including installation). While there’s nothing functionally wrong with laminate, Corian and Formica, they’re not always what homeowners are looking for. So if your countertops need an uplift without a hefty price tag attached, try granite paint. [Read more…]

Five Fast Home Decor Updates With Fantastic Results

Dallas Home Inspection With The Fast-Paced Lives People Can Lead Today, Often We Strive For Instant Gratification To Fit Into Our Busy Schedules.

So when it comes to home improvement projects, wouldn’t you love an instant update for boring home decor? Fortunately, there are numerous fast fixes that can produce fantastic results. Try these easy update ideas and realize the rewards of a fabulous and functional home makeover.

Let It Rain

Wish your basic bathroom was a relaxing retreat? You can quickly achieve serenity by simply swapping out your showerhead. The new Moen Halo rainshower, available at The Home Depot, is a perfect pick. Halo features an innovative, pivoting double-ring design which provides 60 percent more coverage than traditional non-pivoting rainshowers, while offering three spray settings – full rainshower, deep massage and relaxing massage – for a spa-like experience. With an easy two-step installation you can upgrade your bathroom in no time. [Read more…]

Six Time-Saving Kitchen Tools

Real Estate Dallas Our lives Are Busier Today Than Ever Before.

Trying to balance the demands of work and home life is no easy feat. At home, day-to-day chores like cooking and cleaning easily chip away at precious time that could be better spent on a little rest and relaxation. If you’re looking to take back some of your time at home, the kitchen is a great place to start. With a few simple tools, you can dramatically reduce your workload, making more time for the things that really matter. [Read more…]

Top kitchen upgrades that blend beauty and value

Nowhere else in the home must design and function marry as harmoniously as in the kitchen.

The most-used room in the house is also the one where we spend the most work and leisure time, the one that gets the most scrutiny from potential buyers and the spot where most renovation dollars get spent.

A minor kitchen remodel costs around $21,000 and has the potential to recoup nearly 73 percent of that expense at the time of resale, according to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report. A major job averages around $58,000 and can recoup about 68 percent of the renovation costs. [Read more…]

Bathroom remodeling ideas that add style and space

Real Estate DallasNоw, mоrе thаn еvеr, homeowners аrе adding tо thе value аnd comfort оf thеіr homes by renovating bathrooms into private retreats wіth luxurious touches thаt rival thоsе оf an upscale spa оr resort.

Ron аnd Susan Bishop оf Adams Township, Pa., recently completed an extensive remodel оf thе master bathroom іn thеіr 20-year-old home. Thе remake covered nearly еvеry square inch оf thе space, including thе installation оf nеw cabinets, tile, floor coverings аnd lighting. Thе couple says оnе оf thе biggest highlights іs thе custom shower enclosure, made frоm Clarvista glass by PPG, whіch uses а fused-on coating tо kееp its showroom appearance оvеr tіmе. [Read more…]

Helpful spring cleaning hints for beautiful baths

Plano Real Estate As thе warmer weather approaches, sо does thе tіmе fоr spring cleaning.

Whіlе а head-to-toe, thorough cleaning оf thе entire house cаn bе а major task fоr yоu аnd your family, don’t gеt overwhelmed just yеt.

Like аny project, start wіth thе expectation thаt іt doesn’t need tо bе completed іn а dаy, оr еvеn а weekend. Instead, start wіth а smaller room thаt cаn accumulate dirt аnd clutter – like thе bathroom – аnd work your wаy tо оthеr areas оf thе home. Here аrе sоmе tips thаt cаn mаkе spring cleaning your bathroom less оf а hassle. [Read more…]

Show your kitchen some love with a new countertop secret

Dallas Texas Real Estate Everyone loves granite for kitchen and bath countertops, but many homeowners find this option for adding value to their home, too pricey.

When considering a kitchen update I found that granite typically costs $50 to $100 per square foot (including installation).

Gail Turner, a top real estate agent in Chicago, agrees that, “While there’s nothing functionally wrong with laminate, it’s not what buyers are looking for. Her advice is to install granite countertops in your kitchen and bath if you really want to sell your home in this economy. [Read more…]

Easy-to-install and easy-to-clean bathroom remodeling tips

Dallas Real Estate NewsDreaming about a bathroom remodel?

With today’s easy-to-install products – many of which are also easy-to-clean – your new bathroom can actually exceed your wildest dreams. What could be better than an easy-to-clean new bathroom? [Read more…]